All You Need to Know About the Wasset ImpactUs Project

The Wasset ImpactUs Project is our well-thought-out attempt at democratizing luck for everyone consciously involved in proper waste management. From waste generators to waste collectors and recyclers, the Wasset ImpactUs Project opens up an opportunity to reward their efforts with a chance to win big.

How does this work? What do you stand to gain? How do you become a part of this project? Keep reading for answers to these questions.

How Does the Wasset ImpactUs Project Work?

  • Registration

Thanks to the marketplace app and waste collection centers spread across the country, the Wasset ImpactUs Project is available to everyone that generates waste (we all do). Head to any Wasset waste collection point around you to register or register on the marketplace app to participate in this project. Registered participants are referred to as SUBSCRIBERS, and Registration is FREE!

  • Managing Waste Properly

Once you have registered for this project, the next step is collecting and processing waste properly. Every subscriber must process a particular amount of waste to be eligible for the project's next stage. Our representatives will help you process your waste correctly on the app or at the collection points.

  • Winners Selection

The next stage of the Wasset ImpactUs project is the random selection of winners through a smart contract containing the details of every subscriber. The smart contract randomly selects several existing subscribers, which will be a portion of the total number of subscribers to the project. For example, it could be 1000 from 100,000 subscribers or 20 from 10,000 subscribers. These lucky winners will get that huge price up for grabs at intervals during this project.

Why is the Wasset ImpactUs Project Essential?

With this project, we seek to democratize luck while promoting proper waste management nationwide. With this project, everyone can get hugely rewarded when they do what is right and keep the environment safe.

The ImpactUs Project will run throughout the second quarter of 2023, providing subscribers and members of the WassetFamily with enough time and opportunity to get rewarded. Register today and start making an impact.